Build Your Team

This page provides an overview of group tasks and tools for engaging on climate action.  Maybe you are pushing to ensure that certain groups are included in the national discussion on climate action.  Maybe you want to see particular programs included or scaled up. And maybe your group already has a specific climate-action goal in mind. There’s a set of resources below that will help you sharpen your advocacy approaches.

Outline your Objectives

Outline your group goals and priorities for engagement.  Are you focusing particularly on one part of the NDC (agriculture, forestry, user rights, etc.)?   Are you trying to impact overall ambition?  Are you building the evidence base in support of the policies you want to see included in the NDC?

Select areas for learning.  The website is divided into a few ‘action phases’, starting with Preparation and proceeding through Results.  The ‘What’s In’ phase includes more basic information on key topics, while the ‘Ambition’ phase features more external links and in-depth analysis.   The website also has six major themes ranging from rights to climate finance, described in this video link.  

Review existing NDC + relevant policies.   Your government is preparing an NDC.  See Government Policies & Plans for more information.

Develop a Workplan

Make a plan to engage officials.  It is important to map out who has responsibilities for developing, and reporting, the NDC.  What is the engagement with scientists; what is the engagement plan with civil society; what is the engagement plan with indigenous groups.  What is YOUR plan for engaging the government.

Use the materials at this website to build out your engagement.

Key Resources

Library Resources

Team Building

  • ACT Alliance: Climate Advocacy Toolkit
  • PACJA: NDC Preparedness