Pathways to NDC Ambition

The tools on this site make it easier for all people to engage in their national discussion on the land-use impacts of climate change and how to respond to the climate crisis. On the site you can create a log-in that allows you to organize specific information from the site, add your own stories, and share with team members.

Five Action Phases

The paths to address climate change by building a stronger NDC ambition are in five action phases – Preparation, Start, Basics, Ambition, and Results.

IN THE PREPARATION PHASE, familiarize yourself with the NDC process, the obligations of your government, and how best to contribute to the NDC.

IN THE START PHASE, develop a vision for what successful NDC outcomes look like (this is designed especially for teams).

WHAT’S IN?  These pages provide a basic orientation to climate and land use concerns, and the land-use activities that might be cited in an NDC.

IN THE AMBITION PHASE, decide group priorities, formalize civil society input, and deepen engagement.

IN THE RESULTS PHASE, compare the NDC to your original vision, and set up plans for monitoring results.

Or, to get information on a specific topic, click on the NDC Map, detailed below.

NDC Pathways Map

The NDC map is designed to help you (and your team) create good NDC plans for your nation by laying out pathways through the Phases mentioned above.

Clicking on a Phase or on an individual circle in the map will take you to that webpage.

The Phases

The main sections of the
NDC map

The Topics

These bubbles represent
the Topic Pages which
make up each Phase. Roll
over them for a brief
description or click to go
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More About Teams

Teams can utilize these Facilitator’s Tools to guide in-person convenings. Teams meeting remotely can use existing on-line sharing tools to aid group process. CLARA invites inquiries from educators about curricular use of peoplesNDC materials. Send your request to