PREPARATIONSTARTING POINTTHE NDC PROCESSWHATS IN?Rights?Adaptation?Climate FinanceAMBITION’Transparency & InclusionRightsAgricultureRESULTSHigh-Ambition NDC24OUTCOMESLand & Food Rights AddressedAdaptation Support For Farmers NDC Helps to Protect & Restore ForestsMandate From Paris AgreementUNFCCC Paris Agreement spells out basic requirements for ‘Nationally Determined Contributions’. This page describes those requirements, plus ‘best practice’ suggestions for developing high-ambition NDCs.Government Policies & PlansWhat national documents are most relevant for climate-change planning? Which national Ministries are most important for NDC development? This page identifies resources helpful for engaging on the NDC.Civil Society ResourcesThis page suggests the range of stakeholders that can help with NDC engagement on land-use issues. It also provides team-building suggestions.Indigenous ResourcesIndigenous Peoples have a unique role in NDC development, as rights-holders and contributors to land-based climate solutions. This page identifies opportunities for engagement by IPs and local communities.THE NDC PROCESSWhat actions do you hope to see taken to address climate change? This page provides background information about NDCs, land use, and ambition’. From here, build your vision for success.Public Participation?Is there a plan for public participation? How do indigenous peoples, civil society groups, and local communities get involved in the NDC process?Rights?Is the importance of rights – indigenous rights, cultural rights, land rights, right to food, womens rights -- recognized in the NDC?Land Sector Climate Action?Does the government plan actions in forest and agriculture sectors as part of the NDC?Adaptation?Do land-sector actions include support for adaptation? Will farmers have the tools they need to respond to climate change, while meeting national food needs?REDD+?Reductions in Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation-- Is it included in the NDC?Climate FinanceDoes the government have plans to use MARKET MECHANISMS to reach greater ambition in the NDC?Transparency & InclusionThis page includes key questions to ensure that the NDC fulfills Paris Agreement requirements, and suggests ‘best practice’ for outreach and consultation, including with vulnerable groups.RightsThis page includes key questions about land rights and resource access for local communities and indigenous peoples, and examples of successful rights-based approaches to mitigation and adaptation.AgricultureThis page includes key questions about NDC actions in agriculture, and examples of good agroecological practice.Ecosystem Protection & RestorationThis page includes key questions about NDC actions in forest sector, including conservation and restoration of forests, and anti-deforestation actions.Baselines & Reference LevelsThis page goes deeper into how countries define ambitious actions in the land sector, and how civil society can help develop monitoring systems for implementation of those actions.Financial MechanismsThis page goes deeper into sources of climate finance for land-based actions – supporting land rights, agriculture, forest conservation and restoration. Also information here about the Green Climate Fund.High-Ambition NDCYour engagement on agriculture and forestry can lead to strong actions in land-use sectors – mitigation, adaptation, and community rights.High-Integrity Conditional NDCYour engagement on climate finance and REDD+ can lead to strong safeguards ensuring that external funding supports climate action at the grassroots.Govt-CSO Process In Place to Build Future AmbitionMechanisms for citizen engagement are included as part of national climate policy, as are mechanisms to mainstream’ climate policies in national development. Land & Food Rights AddressedMore NDCs should include information on how rights are being secured, and include programs to protect land rights, build community resilience, and improve food security. Adaptation Support For Farmers The NDC should provide opportunities for the active involvement of farmers and local communities in designing adaptation programs.NDC Helps to Protect &Restore ForestsMultiple goals are served by preserving and restoring biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, including carbon sequestration and resilient development.Finance Serves Community NeedsFinancial commitments should be part of rich-country NDCs. Developing-country NDCs should be specific about financing needs.