Nationally Determined Contributions

A guide that informs and
empowers you to take action.

The Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) is each country’s national plan to address climate change. Countries submit an NDC as part of Paris Agreement obligations. Civil society and indigenous groups involved in climate change planning at local and national levels should also work to ensure that their priorities are reflected in the NDC.

CLARA is a diverse network of groups working on agriculture, forestry, conservation, and restoration. We prepared this guide to help civil society organizations in your country shape climate actions in the land sector.

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Or, go to the CLARA NDC Map showing the pages most relevant to land-use and climate.

CLARA members also assist partners with engagement on land-use issues in NDCs.

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CLARA’s Map for Nationally Determined Contributions is designed to help civil and indigenous groups understand the NDC process and get involved in national climate change response plans.